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  • Round Fatayer 2 DZN

  • Mini Sandwich 3 DZN

  • Fatayer Ball 3 DZN

  • Club Sandwich 2.5 DZN

  • Olive Cheese Ball

  • Cranberry Cheese Ball

  • Luscious Cheese Ball

  • Boat Tart 6 DZN

  • Puri ( Potato , Musakhan , Falafel) 1. 5 DZN

  • Cheese Platter

  • Musakhan Saj 3 DZN

  • Sunflower Fatayer 3 DZN

  • Dippin Chocolate Bomb

    Brownie,lotus cheese ball, lotus crackers, chocolate sauce

  • Dippin Pistachio Bomb

    Pistachio & rahash cheese ball, pistachio crackers, pistachio sauce

  • Cheese Platter Big

    Cheese ball, crackers, yellow cheddar,

    White cheddar, baby mozzarella, almond,

    Brie cheese, pecan nuts, parmesan cheese,

    Figs, apricot dry, grapes, walnuts, cherry tomato

    Feta cheese, new crackers, smoked turkey, salami,

    Santiago Chile, black olives, brioche

  • Cold Cuts Canapes

    Peproni, turkey, roast beef, bestrami

  • Sea Food Canapes

    Crab, shrimp, sal

    Crab, shrimp, salmon, caviar


  • Cheese Canapes

    Brie cheese, blue cheese, pesto, Edam

  • More & more brie

    Brioch bread with Brie Cheese

  • Santiago Di Chili

    Crispy croissant with pesto Labneh with pesto sauce

  • Cold Cuts Blast

    Salami, turkey, roast beef, pretzels crackers  cheese ball, ,Pretzel bread, white cheddar, Parmesan , pecan, bacon jam

  • Dippin Cheeso

    Cheetos cheese ball, Cheetos, crack

  • Cranberry Blast

    Cranberry cheese ball, figs, bread sticks,jam,grapes, walnuts,cahsew nuts,jeriks, apricot, red radish, bread sticks,figs,parmesan cheese

  • Spicy Dippin Cheeso

    Yellow cheddar sauce,jelepino,cheese ball,Cheetos powder, Cheetos powder

  • Olive Blast

    Helix cheese , baby Mozzarella, leaf tart, cucumber, fresh Zattar, Zattar Fatayer,almond black olives , green olives

  • puri bag 4.kd per dzn

  • puri flower 6.kd per dzn

  • saj roll 4.kd per dzn

  • kaak sandwiches 12.kd per dzn

  • fried puffs 5.kd per dzn

  • crepe parcel 9.kd per dzn

  • fatayer ball 5.kd per dzn

  • flower fatayer 6.kd per dzn

  • animal shape fatayer 6.kd per dzn

  • club sandwich, egg benedict 6.kd per dzn

  • pretzel sandwiches 6.kd per dzn

  • mini sandwiches 4.kd per dzn

  • bagels 4.kd per dzn

  • salted muffins 5.kd per dzn

  • pita sandwiches with oriental fillings

  • croissant:sweet and salties

  • Sandwiches & fatayer


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